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Physical Education Consultant and Publications Brian Coates

Assessment without Levels in PE - Schemes of Work & Resources for KS1 & KS2 and KS3

LATEST - KS3 Games Scenarios (2016) - 3 CD-Roms - Yr 7 (Early), Yr 8 (Middle), Yr 9/10 (Later) - £30 each.


Key Stage 1 PE Scheme of Work Cost £30.00 for a CD-Rom with 99 pages containing 38 units of work (medium term plans), 38 lesson plans, including ‘assessment without levels’ and ‘assessment for learning’ strategies.

Key Stage 2 Scheme of Work Cost £60 - 176 pages consisting of 76 units of work (medium term plans) and 75 lesson plans together with assessment without levels and AfL strategies - available on a CD-Rom.

Also available now - to match the new National Curriculum (2015) to include Assessment without Levels and Assessment for Learning my Games Concepts (2015) publication (£29.50) provides the very latest ideas and strategies for the teaching of games to Upper KS2. The lesson plans include pictures and diagrams to clearly explain the ideas and activities.

As a physical education consultant (Brian Coates & Associates) I provide teachers with in-service training and professional development opportunities in all aspects of physical education. I work from the Early Years, through Primary into Secondary schools and then on into Higher Education.